There are a few reasons why exfoliating is so important, apart from making your skin look bright and healthy. One is that with the dead skin cells (that protective barrier) gone it is easier to actually get cosmetics, with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants in them, absorbed into the dermal layers of the skin and so therefore they are more likely to make a visible improvement to your skin. The second is that by using exfoliating products on your skin you are also forcing the increase of cell turnover and therefore also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to help firm skin tone.

Exfoliating can also help with enlarged pores. Enlarged pores are generally caused by the accumulation of dead cells and sebum in pores, over time this causes the pores to expand and stretch as a build-up of this debris occurs. It is impossible to eliminate enlarged pores completely Neauvia Dermal Fillers Bulk Supplier once they have occurred, but you can reduce them and refine the skin in the area with regular exfoliating using AHAs and BHAs. Ideally you will also have regular peels at your local salon as they can apply more concentrated peeling compounds to your skin. As well as refining skin texture it also assists in the purging of the pores of trapped debris thereby reducing the chance of the pores being enlarged in the first place.

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Moisture is one of the most import things to consider in order to have your skin looking bright and nourished. Ideally you will use a Vitamin C&E serum under your moisturiser and then you will apply your SPF 30+ sun block then your mineral makeup. Sounds like a lot but this will only take a few minutes in the morning. There are little tips like applying your serum and then doing your hair while it has time to be absorbed before adding your moisturiser.

Nothing surpasses salon treatments. No amount of exfoliation that you do at home is going to match a peel or microdermabrasion treatment that you have at a salon. They are highly trained experts and they can assess your skin type and then provide the treatments that will give you the most benefit. As well, if they are worth their salt… they will have machines! There are new wizzy machines coming out every month that do twice as much in half the time. Gone are the days when women (mainly) are happy to have a nice relaxing facial and not see a significant to their skin and machines help.

Every treatment that you have and every product that you use needs to be all about stimulating collagen. As you read earlier, as you age your collagen fibres get less elastic and they also slow down in their reproduction so everything that you do need to be stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Even exfoliating (if you are using the right product) will stimulate collagen.

One of the simplest beauty care tips is to simply get those eight hours of sleep. When you sleep, the body works on repairing itself. As you age, skin repair often slows down. Getting enough sleep will help ensure your body has time to repair your skin, keeping it looking healthy. Plenty of sleep also helps to keep stress levels down, which also aids in healthy skin.

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