Gambling is a game that is very detrimental to humans and people. This is what makes the scholars agree to prohibit gambling  among their people. Because in gambling games there are betting games, where many are risking their wealth and it is not impossible to bring long bad effects.

Many people are complacent about the wins given by gambling, without them realizing that it is the ratio of losses that is given the most compared to wins. Dominoqq online is one of the online forms of gambling that is widely spread on social media platforms.

Scholars agree to prohibit gambling  in many countries, and this is of course not without reason. These scholars refer to the hadiths and verses in the Qur’an given by Allah SWT to prohibit gambling in Muslims dominoqq terpercaya . In addition to religion and scholars who agreed to discuss gambling as a prohibited act, it turns out that the government also agreed with the scholars that it prohibits citizens from playing gambling.

The government’s serious action was also supported by the issuance of a law regarding the threat of imprisonment that would be given to gamblers. Even at this time not a few people who have languished in bars just because of a gambling game. And yes, of course, more extra efforts will be made by the ulama and the government to prevent gambling from becoming more prevalent in this country.

Scholars agree to prohibit gambling, which is also judged because of the effects given by gambling itself, where many people are affected by mental attacks due to acts caused by gambling games. There are even families that are destroyed just because of gambling, and of course there are many more negative effects out there caused by gambling. Even someone does not hesitate to kill or rob just because they lose or cannot play gambling.


The thing you can do for those of you who haven’t fallen into gambling is by not approaching the actions that lead to gambling. Of course, what you are doing will be very useful to help scholars where scholars agree to prohibit gambling.

It is not impossible that someday this country will be free from gambling. Gambling itself can also damage the morale of future generations of the nation’s children, or students in many countries. Because as we know that there are lots of students or students who have entered the world of gambling, even they really understand the gambling mechanism that is currently circulating.

The students also prefer to gamble rather than carry out their obligations to study as students … and of course this is very damaging and detrimental to the hope of the young generation of the nation.

Of course, this is also what supports the scholars agree to prohibit gambling, because of course the ulema care about the future generations of this nation. They do not want the future generations of this nation to fall into disgraceful acts. Because in addition to the effects that gambling has on oneself, it turns out that the effects also spread to people’s judgments. Where people who are crazy about gambling in general will be hated or ostracized by many people or society.

Because people think that they should not get involved in this disgraceful act of gambling. Where many people are indeed destroyed in their lives and finances due to the effects caused by this gambling. then there is nothing wrong for those of you who are still happy to gamble to stop.

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