There will come a point in your dirty-talk experiment when you will have to take that big leap – you will have to go from the dirty talk to the really dirty talk! Curse words, raunchy terms for body parts, and those obscene comments that would be right at home in a porn film might be the next step you take.

You might be surprised the first time you do it and you see how liberating it is! From the time we are little children, we are taught that dirty talk is wrong. To find the dirtiest words you can, and to throw them out in the heat of passion, feels like breaking down a major taboo – and that feels really good.

By the time you’re ready to take this step, your partner will be ready for it, too. He will have listened to your naughty words get even sexier as the nights go by, and your confidence has grown as he has responded favorably to all your dirty ideas Shibuya Kaho . Now that you’re ready and willing to take that final step and make some hardcore comments, be ready to watch your lover’s passion ignite!

The easiest way to get into the hardcore spirit of things is to think about what you’ve said in the past. You’ve told him certain things feel good – now give him an absolutely clear description of what you mean. Use “porn star” words to tell him how much like his body. Ask him to do things to you, and make it as raunchy as possible.

Remember – eye contact is a good way to keep the fire high. Look him in the eye when you tell him what you’re going to do to him, and he will be absolutely sure you mean what you say. A passionate woman telling him what he’s going to get? It’s enough to send any man’s desire to red-line.

Now that you and your partner are saying whatever you want in bed, and the sexy factor just keeps going up, where can you go from here? The answer: into fantasyland. Pull out those fantasies you’ve kept buried deep inside all these years and use them as naughty scenarios to fuel more dirty talk.

Ever wanted to make it with another woman – or another man – while your lover watches? Turn it into a dirty talk extravaganza. Do you know your man loves to see you wearing different outfits? Buy something new and step into character, including a downright filthy mouth. Get out your vibrator and live out that fantasy of more than one man in bed with you, all the while telling your lover what you’re doing, and even talking to the “invisible man” as if he were really there.

Dirty talk doesn’t have to be hard-core and raunchy. You don’t have to have a mouth like a porn star to get a rise out of your man! You don’t even have to use words.

The next time you’re in bed with your man, pay attention to how vocal you are. Let everything happen naturally, but make a mental note of what you’re doing. Do you moan? Sigh? Whisper? Are you comfortable with saying certain things, such as a murmured “I love you” or his name?

Those signs and moans are a good way to get started with talking dirty. Practice becoming more vocal while you’re making love. Make noises that respond directly to what your lover is doing. If it feels good, tell him with a moan or a whimper. Start throwing in other words, too – but nothing dirty yet! Say your lover’s name. A simple phrase like “This feels good” is a great start.

As long as you are saying something while you’re in bed, you’re opening the door to say even more.
When you are ready to take that next step, don’t be surprised if you feel a bit lost. You might have heard all kinds of dirty talk, but when it comes to what works best for you and your partner, it can be hard to decide where to begin!

Start by looking at all those things where you know dirty talk will be featured. Buy a porn video and watch it when you’re alone in the house. Make a note of what the women in that video say to turn men on. What words do they use most often? If you’re too shy to go the video route, try picking up an erotic novel. There are all kinds of novels and short stories that cater to your erotic side, and most of them involve some down-and-dirty dialogue.

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