Online casinos will give out promotional bonuses. Whether it is cashbacks or referral programs, it is better to know all about it. There are many types of games besides card games. Such as online slots, qiu qiu, domino, and etc.  One particular online casino that we suggest you should try is bandarqq online for the best quality games.

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There are simply so much games that you can enjoy in our website. We will talk to you about some of the features that you can get. See you now understand what you can actually do in our gambling website. There are so many things that you can try so don’t forget to read this article until the end.

Bonuses and Promotions

Online websites will give you bonuses and promotions. But ours will give you heaps of money for free. Of course this is a reward for any new player as well as player that has been loyal in our online website. For starters every single player would have deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are given to players that are still new and it is their first time playing into the website. You can deposit your money as much as around $100 for example.

After you’ve done your first deposit then you are going to be given double the amount into your account. This is what is meant by a 100% deposit bonus every time you deposit money for the first time in that account you’re going to get double the amount back. We highly suggest that you deposit a lot of money when it is your first time depositing so you can maximize this bonus.

On top of that there are also dozens of other bonuses not these bonuses can be individual bonuses for example only for poker games or only for domino games. Some of the more widely known bonuses are such as cashback bonuses.

Players are given back their money every time they place a bet. For example you place a 10-dollar bet and the cash back bonus is 10%. Then you are going to be given $1 back. This process is repetitive so it is not only a one-time things so it is not just deposit bonus.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are a unique type of promotion. Every player is able to promote and help our website grow as a reward you will be getting 10% commission fee. This 10% is counted from the amount of deposit that a player does.

 So the way how it goes is you try to share a specific link that we have provided to each player that every time a player joined with that link then you are going to be given 10% off the amount that they deposited This month can keep on increasing. So the more people that you invite means the more money that you will get. Invite as many people as possible by using social media and other types of tools.

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