Long Island is an island located in the state of New York, sitting east of Manhattan. It is basically made up of four counties, both Suffolk and Nassau as well as two boroughs that are actually part of New York City, the Queens and Brooklyn. When most people think of Long Island, however, they just think of the first two counties, says a Suffolk County computer repair owner. Long Island has several bridges and tunnels that connect itself to other parts so it does not really have a feel of an isolated island according to Nassau County computer repair man. Long Island is actually the largest island located in the contiguous United States which surprises many people.

Nassau and Suffolk counties are both suburban areas with many of the residents commuting into Manhattan for work. There are some differences between the two counties there. Nassau County is very wealthy with locations of expensive homes located right on the waters of the Long Island Sound. It also has more development than Suffolk County is more rural with more open areas that are not developed. There is a lot more traffic in Nassau due to the populations that reside there rhubarb candle . Some old potato fields in Suffolk County have now been turned into vineyards that produce their own wine. The most famous part of Suffolk County is the exclusive beach areas known as the Hamptons where the wealthiest New Yorkers head to enjoy the beach and the lavish lifestyles that their country homes provide them.

In fact, the county of Nassau is rated as the third wealthiest county in the state of New York. Because it is an island, there are many waterfront properties that were built by Aristocrats with old money many years ago. It had a population explosion from the 1950’s to the 1970’s and was considered the fastest growing county in the US. This high density of population is still there as many of them work or want to be close to all of the things that New York City offers so nearby.

Although many Long islanders work in nearby Manhattan, there are plenty of job opportunities on the small island as well. It is known for it’s research and engineering and has several companies that deal in those areas there. It also has the largest industrial park on the East Coast with over 1300 companies dealing with industries located there. The more recent industry of wine making and vineyards has happened over the past 25 years as well as other types of farms like pumpkins.

Long Island is known to be a huge melting pot of various cultures and this is shown in the variety of restaurants that are located there. There are many good pizza places with the big Italian influence there as well as diners and delis that serve Greek food and some wonderful bagel shops that are owned by Jewish families. Some famous long islanders that have sung about their hometown are Billy Joel and Paul Simon among several others

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