Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA) is likely the most promising cancer drug to ever be discovered. It has been proven to kill cancer cells, while having no effect on healthy cells. However, we will likely never see this drug made available to the public. Why? Because the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent DCA. The shocking truth is, they couldn’t care less about our health. Their only concern is profit, and DCA threatens their profits.

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What are the alternatives? Surgery, Radiation, Transplantation, Stereotactic Body Radio Therapy, Stereotactic radiosurgery, Chemoembolization, Chemotherapy etc. In layman’s terms, “cut, burn & poison”. Strangely, 40 years ago there were 3 recognized treatments for cancer: cut, burn & poison. We’ve come a long way, haven’t we? Billions of dollars per year have been spent on cancer research, and the results have been dismal. Of course the pharmaceutical companies have amassed record profits throughout this campaign. For them, the status-quo (many expensive new treatments but no cure) is ideal F95zone .

Here’s the good news: there is a better alternative. It’s a safe & natural cure that costs less then 2 pennies per day, and takes less than one minute to implement. This therapy creates an environment in the body in which disease is unable to thrive. 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths & homeopaths have used this treatment successfully on over 10,000,000 patients. Over 6,000 articles in European scientific literature have attested to the effectiveness of this simple therapy.

So what is this remarkable alternative? In a word, oxygen. Cancer cells and disease microorganisms, microbes and viruses are anaerobic, which means they thrive in low-oxygen environments and die in high oxygen environments. Your healthy cells, on the other hand, are aerobic, which means that they become rejuvenated in the presence of oxygen, resulting in vibrant health. Unlike other therapies or health products employing oxygen for therapeutic purposes, this therapy uses a safe and natural substance that delivers the oxygen atoms effectively from the bloodstream to the cells and tissues.

Big Pharma and the FDA don’t want you to have this information. Our trillion dollar per year drug industry would inevitably collapse if this were to become common public knowledge. Lobbyists for the pharmaceutical industry outnumber congressmen two to one, and spend about $100 million/year in campaign contributions and lobbying expenses to protect their profits.

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