One of the best ways to start an online business is to start with a WordPress blog. WordPress is an easy to use, free and open source content management system designed in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or MSS database. Features

include a template system and a flexible plugin architecture, also called within WordPress as themes. WordPress is easy to use, so just about anyone can learn how to install and manage it on their own.

One thing that is often overlooked when starting a blog is trackbacks. A trackback is basically a notification that your visitor sent you back from your website. This notification tracks the position that the visitor came in. In essence, if the user loads your page and then leaves, you can ping them back with a trackback. If they visit your site again later and load it, you can trackback them again.

In addition to trackbacks, another great feature of a WordPress blog is the ability to ping all of your posts or pages. Every time you post a new entry, WordPress will ping the RSS feed for you. Pinging is great because not only does it help to increase traffic to your site, but it also helps to alert readers to new entries that may have been posted on blogs or social media sites that you are a contributor to Not only do you receive pinged entries, but every one of your readers will receive them as well. It can be great exposure for you and your brand. Now imagine how much that would improve your business’s social media efforts!

Another key component to a WordPress blog is the ability to add a ‘Contact Us’ button to every blog post/page. WordPress makes this process very easy. You simply add the code for a ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of your blog posts and you are set to go. Every page that has a ‘Contact Us’ button has a feed of your updated content and subscribers.

The main reason why it’s so important to include a ‘Contact Us ‘button at the bottom of each blog post is because the search engines look at the homepage settings of your WordPress website when indexing your site. If you do not have a ‘Contact Us’ option, the search engines will take the appearance of your WordPress website as your home page. This means that people searching on the internet for your business won’t see your contact information where they could instead see your homepage.

Also, WordPress offers a number of different plug-ins that you can use to integrate your WordPress website with social media, email subscription building and other blog site features. There are also a number of different users that can add their comments to your blogs. These users have the option of leaving a ‘Reply To’ box where they can leave a comment. In fact any user that leaves a message can leave a comment on your blog site; however, when you include a ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of each post the comments from other users are more likely to appear on your website as well

Another great feature that WordPress offers is the ‘ping’ button. Pinging is basically a way for other users to let you know how many people have viewed your new posts or comments on your blogs It’s very similar to the pinging system used by Technorati. Whenever someone posts something on one of your blogs, a ping will appear at the end of the post. When you ping more than one post, it will cause those posts to appear in your friend’s list as well. WordPress also lets you ping your RSS feed so that anyone who subscribes to an RSS feed can view your newest posts on their blog site.

One of the best things about using WordPress is that it allows you to trackbacks. A trackback is basically a notification that allows you to inform another person that you think they have seen a certain part of your blog post. You can

trackbacks to notify another person that you have found a new post on your blog or just to give yourself an awareness of what other people are interested in. Most people use trackbacks on comments as a good way to let the other

person know that they are being viewed. If you haven’t figured out yet, trackbacks are text messages that you send to someone else letting them know that you think they have seen a particular post on their blog The cool thing about trackbacks is that they don’t have to be publicly displayed somewhere on the blog site; hence it’s easy to hide them in your privacy settings.

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