Rom-coms are among the most popular genre of anime. When it comes to rom-coms, Japan really has a great knack for creating contents with a myriad of different themes and emotional contrasts. That is why a lot of people have cataloged a number of rom-com anime of recent years. Here then is the list of top most romantic comedy anime of the last few years. fourth Hokage

Romance Hachiman and His assistant are one of the most hyped rom-com anime series of all time. In this light-hearted comedy, a young couple lives their dream of becoming parents by marriage under the tutelage of a cute, yet perceptive and smart teacher, Hachiman. Hachiman and His case are somewhat unique in that it follows the relationship between an adult and a child. Although the main male character is a boy, the entire story revolves around a girl.

This light-hearted comedy revolves around the story of two high school friends, Sawase and Yui. They form a great friendship in the beginning but their friendship is threatened when Sawase accidentally stumbles upon the diary of his former classmate, Hachiman. While confessing his love for Hachiman, Sawase inadvertently attracts the wrong person into his life… The hilarious comedy begins when Sawase accidentally peeks inside Hachiman’s diary. What follows is a sequence of events that will change both of their lives forever…

Welcome to the Club is another very popular rom-com anime. In this light-hearted anime, a group of new schoolmates have been together since the start of junior high. As time goes by, they all become closer with each other. One girl in the group, Ritsu Tainaka, finds herself developing a crush on Hyoudou Karujo, the class president of their school.

This anime tells the story of how Ritsu and Hyoudou get along and eventually fall in love with each other. Although the show has many laugh-out-loud moments, it does not have much depth. It mostly uses fantasy and comedy to fill in the plot. The studio which animated this anime is also credited for the innovative idea of combining several genres into one.

Hyouka is a harem story follows a housewife who decides to take a vacation with her husband. Haine takes her mother’s advice and stays home with her parents and siblings. She later decides to marry Sensei, a rich businessman, only to have him disappear one day. Haine must find out what happened to her father and attend a funeral held for him. The premise of the anime is that, almost everything in the harem story follows a common pattern.

Another popular Rom-com anime is slice-of-life comedy, in which the rom-com genre is combined with slice-of-life stories. An example of a slice-of-life story is the life of Setsuna, a spunky but short-tempered college student. After being involved in a car accident, she develops amnesia and doesn’t remember much about her past. These slice-of-life stories have been popular ever since they were first introduced.

Hiden e Another great Rom-com anime is Hime (Hee-net), which starts off as a simple series of poems by a boy named Hidarin. The girl he likes, Riko, is so smitten with him that she begins to fall in love with him right away. But then things start to take a weird turn as the girl realizes that Hidarin really has no idea how to write poetry. The romance between Hidarin and Riko turns out to be more than the pair bargained for as it turns into a romantic comedy that will make you laugh, cry, and feel all kinds of emotions.

Another Rom-com anime series that you should check out is Lucky Star. This series follows the story of Ryoma, who ends up falling in love with a human girl named Sayaka. As the series progresses, Sayaka develops a crush on Ryoma, which culminates in them ending up in the hospital. While in the hospital, Sayaka gets the chance to meet and know Ryoma’s parents, which further opens her eyes to the true man she wants to get a relationship with. Rom-coms are usually great at romantic gestures and scenes because romance is what draws the audience in. This also makes for great television because you can see what the characters are thinking, what is going on, and what is likely to happen later on in the episode.

Another great example is Gainax. Gainax started off as a Japanese series that was intended to be only for high school students, but eventually it was expanded with an anime that tells the story of a high school girl named Yuusuke Tozawa, who ends up joining a vampire club. With the help of the protagonist, Yuusuke learns that he has a crush on the girl and ends up working with him to kill the vampire known as Vampire Lord Nezona. However, things do not go well between them until the third episode, where the two finally confess their love and fall in love.

These are just a few examples that you may want to include in your top 10 list of the best Rom-com anime movies and anime TV shows. It does not matter if you prefer anime films or anime television series, these types of shows can help you get into the mood for romance. They also teach you how to express yourselves through words and actions so that you learn how to make your own romantic comedies in the future. So, while you are at it, why not start watching some of the other top 10 best movies and anime of all time?

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