A hundred or so years ago the way we made money was completely different to the way society has programmed us today. We used to make our own way in life, the world was filled with entrepreneurs and entire civilizations were built by them. New York city is an example. As is the city where I am from, Melbourne Australia. Melbourne’s early beginning as an illegal settlement was fueled by entrepreneurialism. Gold rushes in the area and all over the world were also fueled by individual prospectors with one common motivation, entrepreneurialism. couches melbourne

In today’s world the big businesses are forcing the little guys, the entrepreneurs, out of the market in an effort to control competition. It’s getting so bad that people are being programmed from school age to conform to society and work their 40-50 hour weeks while only a handful of big business owners make all the money.

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Sounds pretty grim doesn’t it? Now for the good news…..

Right now, a new gold rush is emerging. This one is far more profitable than any before it. Entrepreneurialism is again on the rise. Individuals are being forced into a financial corner by this latest economic downturn and rising out of their corners are the new entrepreneurs of today. The tables are turning on big business in these turbulent economic times, and that means huge opportunities are emerging for the new breed of entrepreneur. What has caused this change? The Internet.

Since the advent of the Internet the world has sped up considerably. You might have noticed that access to information has become faster and faster over the last ten years, personal computers that used to take up a whole room can now fit in the palm of your hand, and they’re more powerful too. These mobile devices have made it easy for people to have access to information on the go and to submit information for others to read. The explosion of social media websites that allow people to connect with “friends” from all over the world with the touch of a button, is a result of these technological advancements.

Entrepreneurs are finding the Internet is a unique tool for business as well. Instead of being confined to a geographical area, they are able to expand their business opportunities world wide, all this while sipping coffee in their lounge rooms.

The world is truly an amazing place when you think about it. It’s constantly evolving, moving in new uncharted directions. But the majority of people have lost their individualism, if they ever had some, and have been moulded to the fit of big business. Isn’t it about time you broke free from the mould, and joined the revolution?

I am helping many people just like you; people who are tired of the ‘system’ and want to take control of their lives; to do just that, to take control of their time, income and future. There has never been a better time than right now to take advantage of the technology available and truly leverage the Internet and create for yourself an income that you alone are in control of.

I am also part of an exciting community of Internet entrepreneurs. If you seriously want to take action to improve your financial outlook, I strongly suggest you join me, surround yourself with like minded people and take advantage of the training and tools we provide to get you started.

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