Shiatsu massage chairs were originally developed in Japan as an automated means to deliver massage therapy. However, shiatsu is just one type of massage as there are hundreds of different massage treatments which have been developed throughout the world. There are some special methods which constitute a shiatsu massage and some massage chairs have these capabilities.

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Shiatsu massage has been around for a long time and can actually trace its roots back to ancient China. According to ancient Chinese medicine, acupressure and acupuncture were in common use 출장마사지. Shiatsu is a form of acupressure but with other therapeutic techniques included as well.

Most massage recliners come with four basic mechanical movements. These movements are generally just for the back, neck and shoulders. These massage types are kneading, rolling, tapping and a combination of kneading and tapping.

Now massage chairs can perform more sophisticated massages by using combinations of these four basic massage movements. There are a number of different and innovative roller designs allowing for three-dimensional movement. This enables you to get deeper tissue massage as well as more subtle and superficial massages.

Some distinct aspects of a shiatsu massage therapy are the stimulation of trigger points. It is believed that by stimulating these points located throughout the body that energy can be restored to flow and permeate. Practitioners of this massage look to unblock energy to release it and allow it to flow freely.

Massage recliners must have the capability to identify the almost a 100 acupoints on your back, shoulders and neck area. There are different approaches to identifying these acupoints. Some massage chairs use sensors to detect these and then target them for relief.

There are sophisticated sensors which are used to locate the acupoints of your back. The location of the acupoints is then fed into the chairs computer. The massage program will be adjusted according to the information read by the sensors.

Shiatsu focuses on stimulating the acupoints to enhance the flow of energy in your body. Shiatsu massage recliners identify your acupressure points and then use specialized movements to stimulate them. This helps to relieve the unblock energy allowing it to flow freely.

You can now find air massage systems incorporated into these advanced shiatsu recliners. An air massage system uses air compression which delivers a soothing and relieving type of massage. These are particularly well-suited for the larger muscles of the body.

The air compression massage makes use of specialty airbags. These airbags may be contoured to fit the muscles or may be layered to provide deeper relief. The airbags inflate and deflate providing a squeezing action.

Shiatsu massage chairs are very effective in delivering rapid style chopping. Strong motors are used to provide the chopping action which is very invigorating for the body. Chopping is particularly well-suited to loosening up tighter muscles of the body.

A number of different massage techniques can be found in shiatsu massage recliners. Most massage chairs are programmed to deliver a wide range of different techniques on demand. It is common to find techniques such as Hawaiian, Swedish, reflexology, deep tissue and acupressure in today’s recliners.

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