Wealthy property buyers often come to South Florida in order to purchase the most illustrious Miami Beach luxury homes possible. Of course, in order to do so, one must first figure out which communities to look out for and today we are going to provide a useful guide on the two amazing island communities that showcase these types of real estate options.

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Indian Creek

If you are looking for an island community that is guaranteed to provide you with the most fabulous real estate options, Indian Creek should definitely be on the top of your list, especially since its selection of Miami Beach luxury homes have been featured on numerous occasions including one recent purchase was made for a jaw-dropping sum of $47 million making it the most expensive home deal within the Miami region luxury homes in miami.

Indian Creek is a private island community that is located north of North Beach. It lies beside Surfside and features over 200 feet of access to Biscayne Bay on one side. Its exquisite island setting has definitely proven to be one of the most sophisticated communities within the region as it provides its residents with the most awe-inspiring views of the horizon possible.

Property buyers can expect to find a selection of homes that range from four-bedroom to ten-bedroom properties which showcase the finest architectural designs that blend perfectly with the surroundings. Of course, outdoor amenities live up to the highest of expectations as the residents of the community are considered to be among the richest within the region.

Sunset Islands

The next community we are going to feature today is known as Sunset Islands which happens to be a series of island which include Sunset Islands I, II, III, and IV. Each of these islands are also located north of North Beach which means that people can look forward to a much more tranquil setting as opposed to the hustle and bustle that exists in the areas located further down south.

People who are looking for Miami Beach luxury homes that offer views of the ocean horizon as well as the city will find the range of options within the exclusive Sunset Islands community to be up to par with these expectations since the Atlantic Ocean is located to the east while Biscayne Bay is located to the west.

Much like Indian Creek, the range of options found within the community includes a selection of large Miami Beach luxury homes which are situated upon large lots of waterfront land. While relatively cheaper than other luxury real estate options on the property market, the fact that these illustrious real estate options provide people with one of the most opulent settings within the region possible makes these luxury homes so attractive, especially to people who seek the highest degree of privacy possible.

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