It is easy to judge quality in wood furniture from afar and you do not have to be a professional to do so. All you have to do is carefully check the construction, material, and finishing and just take your time while evaluating the piece. It will also help to familiarize yourself with some wood furniture terminology. When shopping for furniture, you will come across terms like mahogany, maple, oak, cherry, birch, maple, and teak. Knowing a bit about the various types of wood will help you buy high-quality pieces without having to pay a fortune.

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A good starting point when trying to evaluate wood furniture is knowing what grade the wood is in. Each wood furniture company offers a different ranking system based on the type of wood and its construction. There are also grades based on the finishing techniques wood furniture companies use. The best way to get an idea of the grade of the wood furniture is to ask the sales representatives and see what they recommend.

A major factor in choosing high-quality furniture is to know the type of wood. Mahogany is one of the most expensive woods but it is renowned for being one of the most durable and strong woods in the world Other woods such as maple and oak are less expensive but are known for their durability. Teak wood furniture is also popular because of its resistance to water, scratches, dents, stains, and wear and tear. The combination of a sturdy wood and a waterproof finish makes teak furniture a popular choice among people who want quality furniture with a rich antique appearance.

Wood furniture with a uniform wood grain should be inspected closely. There are different woods and grains that each one has and checking to see if all the woods are uniform is a must. For example, walnut wood will have a slightly different grain from oak or maple wood. This is important because different woods will age differently and will look great as well as age over time.

Aside from the grade and type of wood, a person looking to purchase new furniture should take a close look at the finish of the piece. One of the most popular finishes is sanded smooth. Sanded smooth is when the wood is painted with a flat finish color. This allows the wood to appear flat and gives it a finished, bright look.

Another popular finish is called laminating. Laminating is when the manufacturer places tiny pieces of wood together and seals them with plastic. This process hardens the wood making it stronger and more durable. However, this type of finish is quite expensive compared to plain sanded smooth. If a person wants high-quality veneers on a high-end piece of furniture then he should go for the laminating finish instead of simply buying solid wood furniture.

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