“Unfeasible”, Building in the Desert was selected for a  display of unrealisable architecture projects, at Walter Knoll Gallery in London.

“Vogadors”, Selected for the introduction to the exhibition of the Biennale of Venezia Work
“Amb poc, molt”, Mies van der Rohe Pavillion, Barcelona
“Arquitectura es Paisatje”Saporo, Japón
“Arquitectura es Paisatje” UIA Tokyo, Japón
“Concurs Biblioteca de l’Estat de Barcelona” COAC,Barcelona
“Barcelona Direccions”. Barcelona


Exposure selection contest finalists IMPSOL. COAC, Barcelona.
“Arquitectura catalana 2004-2009, retrat d’un temps”. Traveling exhibition opened in París
“Selección de proyectos finalistas del concurso IMPSOL”COAC, Barcelona
“Prototypes 01. GlassWorkshop”. Results book and workshop, ETSAB
“Els joves urbanitzen el futur” at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona

“Barcelona plans de futur”. Selection of projects for the city of Barcelona

Proyecto Subcentral eléctrica 22@ seleccionado en exposición Barcelona “Sensations”.

Project Girona`s Lawyers Association. Natural Stone Exhibition in IFEMA.
“Progetti a Chiasso” Atelier Peter Zumthor. Chiasso, Suiza.
“Premi Hong HonkInstitute of architects” Concurso Extrem Architecture, UIA Istanbul congress 2005

“Ajuntament de Montgat” y posterior publicación de proyectos VII-VIII (Municipal swimming pools and New headquarters for the city council)  Línia Vertical, Edification

“100 visiones de Sant Boi” City council of Sant Boi